At Safran Optics 1 we have all of the benefits of a small organization with a tight-knit community and a focus on employee morale and culture. However, we have the best of both worlds; we have the power and backing of a global, industry-leading organization, Safran. Our parent company is a global powerhouse, inventing, building, and delivering high-tech solutions to shape tomorrow's aviation sector with an unrivaled capacity for innovation and support leveraged by operational excellence and digital transformation. Safran is a diverse and talented workforce throughout the world with over 83,000 employees in 27 countries with 125 years of history: the oldest aerospace manufacturer in the world. 

No. 3 Worldwide

Aerospace Company (excluding aircraft manufacturers)

No. 1 Worldwide

Interiors for regional and business aircraft & Aircraft water and waste management systems

No. 1 Worldwide

Landing gear, wheels and carbon brakes, aircraft wiring & evacuation slides

No. 1 in Europe

Tactical Drones, Inertial Navigation Systems & Optronic (electro-optical) Systems

No. 1 Worldwide

Space Surveillance via RF Sensors, Modems for Satellite Station Keeping and Space Probe Control & High-performance Space Optics

No. 1 Worldwide

Narrowbody Commercial Jet Engines & Helicopter Turbine Engines

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